1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Memorial cannon for 22nd Commander found in the Philippines

September 2012




A memorial button made for the 22nd Infantry's Commander
COL Harry Clay Egbert - 1899




On September 27, 2012 a cannon was unearthed in the Malinta town section of Valenzuela City in the Philippines.
The inscription on the cannon denotes that it was at one time a memorial to Colonel Harry Clay Egbert,
who commanded the 22nd Infantry Regiment in 1898-1899. COL Egbert was killed in action during the battle
for Malinta on March 26, 1899.

At the time of his death, COL Egbert was a Colonel in the Regular Army, Commander of the US 22d Infantry Regiment,
and had just been discharged as a Brigadier General of Volunteers.



The 1st Battalion website is grateful to Kevin Perez, a student of Filipino history,
for calling this event to our attention.







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