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CPT Olan, Abu Muthena and Wusal at the Jihad School’s rewards ceremony


Dear Friends and Family, I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying the start of a hot Texas summer.
Here at JSS Jihad and North West Rashid get hotter every day but our Soldiers stand strong as always.
I want to start by congratulating Mrs. and SPC Tmatk for their newly born baby Kimora Leen Masae Tmatk.
Congratulations to you… It’s been a very busy month for our Soldiers as we continue to assist the Iraqi Government
and our counterparts from the Iraqi Army get better and improve the quality of life for the local citizens of AO Killer.
We continue our integration and joint operations and patrols with 4th IA Company.
They are definitely part of our Killer family. This month, in addition to combined patrols we have conducted
a combined operation with the Iraqi Army that led to the detention of several criminals and discovery of a weapons cache
that was later destroyed by the Iraqi Army. This has allowed us to keep the area safe and secured,
while simultaneously eroding the resources of criminals’ and extremist special groups’.
All this thanks to the help and assistance of the local populace which continues to fight
and stand up for themselves and a better Iraq.

Iraqi Army and Team Killer Soldiers during combined operation


As we continue to defeat terrorism in our AO, the essential services for the local citizens continue to improve
and show significant progress in our neighborhoods. This month we have helped the local government
to create more projects to include the initial stages of the installation of several generators
to improve the electrical power shortage in the area. We also assisted the Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC)
in presenting backpacks and other awards to several local national children that performed
and had the best scores during their final examination of this semester.
Congratulations to them all.

As always, our Soldiers’ quality of life at the Joint Security Station improves daily. We even had a BBQ
on 14 June 08 in celebration to the Army’s Birthday. Thanks to our Cooks and all the Soldiers that made this happened.
It was a very nice and well deserved meal.

Once again, I want to thank you for your continuous support and sending all those nice care packages to our Soldiers.
And as always, I pray for your safety and well being, as well as that of our beloved Soldiers.
Please continue to support your loved ones as they continue to serve with courageous professionalism,
and I promise that I will continue to do everything in my power to accomplish our mission
ensuring the safety and welfare of those you hold dear. Thank you and God bless.
Killer 6


1SG Sparger, SGT Strahan and Jack during a Combined Operation in AO Killer


Greetings from JSS Jihad,

This was a fast paced month in sector, it seems like we were always outside of the wire.
In addition to our typical missions, many of our Company missions were in direct support of the Iraqi Army.
Plus, Sapper and Black Sheep have done a great job on joint service platoon patrols
inside of our area. This transition to joint operations is a great leap toward our ultimate goal.

On the other side of our sector is our beloved Dog Pound, they have been busy doing joint service route clearances.
But, they took the time to stop by and see us a couple of times and seem to be doing fine.
I spoke with ECO 4-64 1SG today and he said SSG(P) Tate was doing a great job in SFC TJ’s absence,
and the platoon was doing very well as usual. I plan to go on a mission or two with them in the very near future,
and send pictures as always. As for the betterment of our daily living, we wired our eating facility,
“the Barn,” for electricity; and it was just in time for the ARMY’s Birth Day. We had an outstanding steak and lobster meal
followed by birthday cake. Our cooks did a great job on the grill. It far exceeded our typical heat and serve meals,
and we fought over the leftovers for the next two days.

Also, this month we welcomed SGT Chamberlin, from our mechanic support team, and SPC Knell, Sapper PLT,
back to our ranks, we were happy to see them again (family members they are doing well
and are already making a difference). Returning to Iraq may not be considered good news to family members,
so here is some news that might pass the test. We already gave out the dates for the July leave period
and everything seems to be in order. As for those lucky ones on leave, I hope your having a great time,
but know you are truly missed. We need each and every one to be smart and safe in your travels,
enjoy your family and return on time. May God bless you all!

Engineers lead the way!

Killer 7...Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SSG Brown and his new RTO conducting training TOC OPS


Dear Friends and Family,

WOW…it’s going to be 111 degrees tomorrow. In the sun it’s 135.
That’s ok, it’s a dry heat. The men are handling it well. Although it is getting hotter we are starting to do much more.
SGT Ruck, SGT Lyle, and SPC Johnson have been training Bloom, Bordeaux, and Crane to be gunners on the trucks.
Their education has progressed nicely. More and more I see the senior guys driving and the junior guys proving to their leaders
and themselves that they can do anything (although I think that it is just a ploy not to stand in the sun for 4 hours. I’m just kidding).

We have started focusing more on physical fitness lately. SPC Fithian has lost almost 30 pounds since arriving in Iraq. Awesome!
SGT Strahan was promised that he would leave Iraq with “BIG TRAPS” by CPT Chychota.

Speaking of the XO, he would like to say a few words.

The soldiers of the platoon have received a lot of great equipment because me, my traps of steel,
and Google! The End.

Well there you have it. Thanks Sir?

On the other hand we still pull lots of guard escort people around, and continue to do the daily jobs
that come up. SGT Ruck is working on his Algebra skills while still holding down the daytime Battle NCO position
and patrolling with Killer 6 on a regular basis. SGT Lyle keeps the dogs at bay
throughout the overnight. Johnson is keeping his “weapons of mass destruction” in check.
The same old stuff that we do every month. We just find the little things through the days to change it up a bit.
So until next month…


SFC Sutton and SGT Peterson enjoying the local cuisine


Hey all you SAPPER fans out there! 1LT Staker here to give you our monthly report about SAPPER PLATOON’s role
in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. The month of JUNE has been an exciting and busy month to say the least.
Our main efforts have been concentrated on improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods
and training up the Iraqi Army as they take the lead in the rebuilding of IRAQ.
Over the past month, we have been busy assessing schools in our area of operations
in preparation for the summer break. Our goal is to renovate all the schools,
so when the students return from their break, they will be able to learn in a much better environment.
We also have made great strides on improving the quality of life for the local residents of area of operations.
We have begun installing new generators and repairing the water and sewage in our neighborhoods.
On the tactical side of our mission, SAPPER PLATOON have been working side-by-side with our Iraqi Army counter parts
in finding numerous weapon caches( SAPPERS: 6 BLACK SHEEP: 1 for those of you who are keeping score).
We have also been conducting raids, and pulling out the BLACK SHEEP PLATOON when they get stuck in the mud
or when their vehicles break down. The Iraqi Army has taken the fight to the enemy.
We have now transitioned to a supporting role during our joint patrols with the Iraqi Army.
Once again we would like to thank you, ours friends and family, for all the support you give to the Soldiers of SAPPER PLATOON.
Keep sending those letters and care packages; you’ll never know how much of a morale booster it is
when a Soldier gets something in the mail from back home. Thanks Again. Until next month,
Sapper 1 Out!


Sapper PLT and Iraqi Army Soldiers search vehicles for possible weapons and explosives


“Bah bah”, says BLACKSHEEP

Well it is that time again, first and foremost “greetings and blessings to our all of our families and friends!”
Another month is passing and for those of you acting as our official countdown that’s 4.
As we get deeper into this deployment the guys are starting to take leave. This month we sent 4 of our guys back home.
The lucky Soldiers returning or have returned are: PVT Green, PFC Byrd, SPC Carson, and SPC Lagos!
We all hope these men enjoy their time off and take or leave nothing back while home.
Or the rest of us still over here, we have been busy working late hours The BLACKSHEEP was fortunate this month
for the chance and opportunity to work with our organic Company, Copperhead. It was great working alongside our old friends
and alongside fellow tankers! C Company welcomed us back with open arms.
Even though we were part of Copperhead’s outer cordon mission, it was a thrill and good times.

Also we have been making strides in developing not only the IA but also the local government.
The Blacksheep helped local shop owners in one of the muhalla’s open market
to raise their voices and opinions for their shops and stand not to be destroyed especially bring destroyed for a garden.
The Platoon’s intent was to keep the peace and to stop things from getting “ugly”.
However the concern for the welfare of the people forced us to step in to allow the local government (The NAC)
to voice to the Higher government (the DAC and the Ministry) the idea that if you destroy theses stands
they will be destroying jobs, local economy, and people’s lives.
Most of the shop owners in that market have thanked us greatly
and continue to thank our platoon for our efforts and concerns.

As we continue to work hard out in the streets, we continue to work hard in the JSS.
The men have found time to take some steam off by playing pick-up games of Basketball.
This allows them to get some cardio in as well as going to the gym.
So the games have started and soon after will come the competition.

For now that is the news from the BLACKSHEEP. As always we appreciate and thank y’all
for the packages and letters. The only request is, that y’all keep them coming!
Green 1 out…


SPC Lagos, SGT Zermeno, and SPC Carson enjoying a laugh





The website is grateful to Christy Sparger
for submitting the above newsletter




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