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CPT Olan, CPT Gavin and LT Staker during a Jihad NAC Council Meeting


Dear Friends and Family, I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying the start of a hot Texas summer.
Today is only 120 degrees out here but even during this hot weather our Soldiers remain strong as always.
We received several new Soldiers in the Company this month and we have made some internal changes
between the platoons. As we continue our hard work in the area we finally start seeing the fruits of our labor.
The essential services continue to improve; the electrical power gets better every day,
we continue to create projects and security has increased tremendously.

We can see all this as we continue to patrol our areas and see an increase of people in the market areas
and children playing in the soccer fields and utilizing the gyms and other recreational areas
in the neighborhoods. So, I am really proud of the progress and all the hard work that our Soldiers have
and continue to do in the area.

Our quality of life here at the JSS continues to improve every month. We received a new SPAWAR system
that allows us to have better internet communications with our loved ones back at home.
We have also received new gym equipment that allows our Soldiers to improve and maintain their physical fitness.
So, as you can see it only gets better every month.

Last but not least, as you all probably already know, this is my last letter. I will be changing command early next month.
It’s been a pleasure to serve your Soldiers and your families for the last 26 months.
I have never had a more satisfying job than this one. I want to thank you for all the support you have given me,
my family and most importantly, our Soldiers. I will always have you all in my thoughts and prayers.
Please continue to support your loved ones as they continue to serve with courageous professionalism,
and I promise that I will continue to do everything in my power to accomplish our mission
while ensuring the safety and welfare of those you hold dear.
Thank you and God bless.
Killer 6


1SG Sparger and SGT Ruck during Combative Training


Greetings from the Jihadist,

We are enjoying the temperate summer temperatures ranging from around 85120+ degrees daily.
Despite the warm climate we have a lot of positive news this month. We welcomed a new supply Soldier to our ranks,
PV2 Errickson from Wisconsin, and we regained some of our mechanic support.
We had to give up SGT Chamberlain, who is now with SPC Delgado and SPC Peters on FOB Falcon,
but SGT Trejo, SGT Franklin, and SPC Gurrola are now with us. Not to mention,
we swapped out Sapper PLT Soldiers on the NPTT detail. We brought SGT Self, SGT Cabel, SPC Munns,
and PFC Soto-Gomez back with us and sent SGT Brown, SPC Smith, PFC McFadden, and PFC Tinsley
to handle the requirement. We are also making some changes in manning by sending the youngest Soldiers|
to the line platoons to get experience, and replacing them with more experienced Soldiers for HQ PLT.
In addition, we had 4 Soldiers Re-Enlist this month; congratulations to SGT Trejo, SPC Dill, SPC Rolfing and PV2 Strachan.
Last, but not least, I would like to congratulate SGT Brooks and SPC Johnson on their success in the promotion board.
We hope we get to promote them very soon.

As for our current MWR situation, we upgraded our MWR resources significantly. We received new gym equipment,
computers and phones. The computers and the phones should be operational by the end of the month
(the tech support is on site right now). Once the system is operational,
the Soldiers will have twice as many phone and computer stations to utilize.
This will correct the recent deficit in communications.

In closing, please be strong and continue your support for our Soldiers.
They are working hard and doing a great job. God Bless

Engineers lead the way!

Killer 7...Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The CO HQ PLT at JSS Jihad



Dear Friends and Family,

Hello again. Glad to see you came back. Well, it has been eventful if nothing else since we last spoke.
The JSS is still standing (despite the efforts of many of us) and the radios have not been stolen
(Thank you SGT Ruck and SSG Brown.)

We had a few personnel changes at the beginning of the month. PFC Crane has since moved to SAPPER platoon.
It was tough to watch him leave, but we set him loose and not one tear was shed.
We also lost PFC Stogner to SAPPER (I hear he has only broken two side mirrors since the move.
He’s gotten better since he first joined the company.) SAPPER gave us PFC Rupp in return.
He has replaced PFC Bordeaux as my driver who has moved over to the CO’s driver position.
PFC Jones (who was detached from the platoon to Dogpound), has moved out to the JSS to fill the void in the 1SG’s truck
as the driver. SGT Lyle has changed positions also. He took over for SGT Ruck as the commander’s gunner.
SGT Ruck now has his own truck and is happier since he gets to sit in the A/C.
My gunner is now SPC Kongvongsay. The only other change is CPT Olan.
He will be leaving us at the end of the month and making way for the new commander, CPT Garling.
Everyone say Hi! We are of mixed feelings seeing CPT Olan go.
Sad because he his family has become such a key part of the Killer family,
yet happy because it gives us a chance to throw a party!!! We sure will miss his accent. More on this transition next month.

The maintenance section was excited when SGT Chamberlain got here.
Then they were downhearted when a couple of weeks later he was
transferred to Dogpound to work on their equipment. Then they got over their worries about guard
when we welcomed SGT Trejo, SGT Franklin, and SPC Gurrola to the JSS.
They are fitting quite nicely into the guard rotation.

In other news, SPC Johnson went to the board this month and was recommended for promotion to SGT.
Congratulations to him. He’s going to make a fine NCO. SPC Rohlfing reenlisted this month. Way to go Rohlf!
He’s getting some loot and at least another tour over here
SGT Trejo also swore his oath to uphold and defend the constitution in July.

Thanks to SSG McMahon and his little culinary minions, we had a huge blow out BB-Q
on the 4th of July, not like the one you guys had during Freedom Fest I’m sure , but we had fun
(no Mrs. Sparger, 1SG was not allowed to play with fireworks). XO got us cool helmet lights
so now we can see at night. The MWR got moved and upgraded. We now have more computers and more phones
so we can talk to the folks back home again. It has been a long month for some without it.
We all took platoon photos this month and as the clowns we in headquarters platoon are, we did ours up quite nicely.

The hard stuff is still here. It’s not all fun and games. Guarding the perimeter is still a big part of our day
as well as going on patrol for the crews of the trucks. We are in the middle of Change of Command Inventories
(a painful process for all.) This is a necessary step for the change of command.

That’s about all that has transpired since the last time I rambled on about life at the JSS.
It’s great to hear from the families each month. We all miss you and love you and above all
genuinely appreciated the support and devotion that you show us.
So until August 21st, when I have to turn this into the CO again…



SSG Minor and PFC Crane in their new UAH


HEY THERE SAPPER FANS! It’s time for another edition of the Pulitzer Prize winning article
known as “THE SAPPER LOUNGE” We have seen a lot of changes this month:
the Iraqi Security forces have taken the lead in the war, reconstruction projects have finally started
after months of red tape, and the Black Sheep Platoon has finally figured out how to get themselves out of the mud.
As the weeks have gone by, we find ourselves playing more of a supporting role during joint operations
with Iraqi Security Forces. The Iraqi Army now conducts their own missions while we ride along with them
and provide an over watch. The Sons of Iraq have established check points that thoroughly secure the neighborhoods
in our area of operations. Every day, the Iraqi Security Forces are becoming more autonomous.

After countless hours of assessments and red tape, our planned projects for the area of operations
are finally underway. Schools are now being renovated and will be completed
before the students return from their summer break. We have begun construction
on a number of large generators in the neighborhoods that will provide the citizens with more than just 2 hours of electricity a day.
There is also another project that will provide residents with cleaner drinking water.
After months of working on problems, we are finally seeing results.

We would like to send a big THANK YOU to you SAPPER fans out there for all the support you give us
from back home. Please keep sending those packages full of goodies because chimichanga night at the dining facility
is not as delicious as it sounds. Thanks Again.
Until next month, Sapper 1 Out!


Sapper PLT at FOB Liberty



Blacksheep/Killer Green in Action


“Bah bah”, says BLACKSHEEP

Hello again from the Tankers that are “Kick’n it” with the Engineers. All of us here would like to say,
“Thank you for the continuous support, mail, and prayers.” Where we left off last time was the talk about leave.
I am glad to report that those men who took leave last month made it back safe and in good spirits.
I am sorry that your men had to leave but it is time for them to continue with the missions at hand.
I would like to state that SSG Mobley and SSG Cardinal are both enjoying the well deserved leave this month.
We all here hope they enjoy themselves and wish them the best.

I would like to introduce the two new tankers to the BLACKSHEEP, SGT Burress and PV2 Jacobo.
The Platoon welcomed them with open arms and have already accepted them into the Platoon.
The new Soldiers are fitting in just right in the Platoon. SGT Burress has already started to spread his experiences
to the lower enlisted men and talking with the other NCOs. Both men are eager to get started
and learn the ropes around the AO. We all look forward to what they can and will offer to the team and fight!

The news around our sector is that the IA Unit in our BN AO has been relocated and moved out of our AO.
So right now the Platoon is working on new relationships with the new IA BN that has moved in.
We have not yet been on a joint patrol with our new counterparts; however they will be coming soon.
We are trying our best to work with them and help them learn the AO and the people in it.
The other news lately is that the new incoming Echo Company Commander has been at the JSS
to perform his Change of Command inventories; getting ready to take charge and lead the way.
Please help me to welcome CPT Garling as the soon to be incoming Engineer Company Commander.
From the BLACKSHEEP family, “We welcome you sir!” We are all going to miss our current CO, CPT Olan.
We would like to take this time to thank him for all that he has given and shared with the BLACKSHEEP,
and we appreciated the great opportunity to work for and with him!”

Well that has been the news from the “front lines”. Again thanks to our families for the continuous support,
prayers, and the mail. Please don’t stop sending any one of the three.

-Green 1 Out


Sapper 1 enjoys the 130 degrees weather





The website is grateful to Christy Sparger
for submitting the above newsletter



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