1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


1-22 Infantry Change of Command

March 21, 2007


New 1-22 Infantry Commander LTC Matthew Elledge passes in review with the Battalion
Photo courtesy of Lon Oakley






Spc. David Hodge
1st BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.

Six battalions from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, changed command during a ceremony on Cameron Field March 21
to honor the outgoing commanders and offer a warm welcome to the incoming commanders.


During the ceremony that displayed several weathered variables matching the mood
beginning with light rain and ending with clearing skies, the Raider Brigade said farewell to each departing battalion commander
and welcomed six fresh lieutenant colonels to the position of battalion commander.

“On a day of mixed emotions, for me personally, we give a sad goodbye to six great battalion commanders
that formed and trained their units, deployed them to Iraq for a year of combat operations and redeployed them back to Fort Hood,”
said Col. James Pasquarette, 1st BCT Commander. “However, we are welcoming six fantastic battalion commanders to the team.
All the chosen commanders have great reputations within the 4th Inf. Div.”

Lt. Col. Matthew Elledge assumed command from Lt. Col. Craig Osborne of 1st Bn., 22nd Inf. Regiment.
Elledge recently served as the executive officer for 2nd BCT.

Lt. Col. Troy Smith assumed command of the 7th Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regt. from Lt. Col. Dave Thompson.
Smith was the deputy commanding officer for 4th BCT.

Lt. Col. Scott McKean assumed command of 1st Bn., 66th Armor Regt. from Lt. Col. Rocky Kmiecik.
McKean most recent assignment was the deputy G-3 for the 4th Inf. Div.

Lt. Col. Robert Kirby assumed command of 4th Bn., 42nd Field Artillery Regt.
Kirby previously served as the deputy chief of staff for the 4th Inf. Div.

Lt. Col. David Hill assumed command of the 1st Special Troops Bn. from Lt. Col. John Cross.
Hill’s most recent assignment was the chief of training for the 4th Inf. Div.

Lt. Col. Darren Werner assumed command of the 4th Support Bn. from Lt. Col. Michael Snow.
Werner comes from the Human Resource Center in Washington D.C.

“To the new commanders, enjoy this time in your career because it will be the best job you will ever have,” said Pasquarette.
“I feel great about these officers taking command as we face another pending deployment to Iraq.
You guys are the right leaders at the right time in the right place.”


Pasquarette noted that the job that lay before them was not going to be easy. “After serving as a brigade commander in Iraq,
I’ve come to the conclusion that the battalion-level echelon is where the counter-insurgency fight is happening.”

“I simply provide guidance and resources. Battalions take that guidance and employ those resources to accomplish the mission.
Whether it’s meeting with local Iraqi government, training Iraqi Security Forces, progressing essential service projects
or conducting offensive operations to defeat insurgents across Iraq, the outgoing commanders are the best of the best
and nothing was too difficult for these great Americans,” he added.

Lt. Col. Rocky Kmiecik, outgoing commander, 1st Bn., 66th AR, stated, “today is my 1,000th day in command.”
The hardest thing about command is losing Soldiers as he displayed his armband listing 11 Soldiers from his unit killed in action.

Program for the Change of Command
Program courtesy of Anne LeGare


Pasquarette attributed some of the successes of the incoming and outgoing commanders to their wives as well.
“As much as I hate to see these great commanders leave, their spouses deserve as much credit
for overseeing their respective Family Readiness Group programs and contributing countless hours of volunteer help
by caring for the families of the Soldiers.”

These Soldiers and their wives each form a team that works together to serve their country and accomplish any mission.
“We say goodbye to these six great battalion command teams that served their nation with honor in one of the most difficult times in our history.
I can’t adequately express how much I personally owe and thank you for your service to your country,” said Pasquarette.

“I am confident we’ll accomplish the [next] mission because I know we have the best Soldiers in the world in our formation,” said Pasquarette.





Killeen Daily Herald article courtesy of Anne LeGare




LTC Elledge stands ready to receive the Battalion Colors from LTC Osborne
CSM Beal carries the Colors


LTC Osborne passes the Battalion Colors to Col. James Pasquarette, Brigade Commander.
LTC Elledge stands ready to receive the colors, and with them,
Command of 1-22 Infantry.


LTC Elledge leads 1-22 Infantry as the Battalion passes in review


Above photos courtesy of Lon Oakley






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