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E Company FRG Newsletter April 2008






April 2008

Volume 1 Issue 1


Echo Company Engineers 1-22IN, Deployment Blues


Our company got off for their 15 month deployment on 10 March 2008.
Some of our soldiers left a few days earlier and a few days later, however, the main body left on the 10th.
Many families and friends of the soldier came to say " See you in 15 months, as I do not say 'Goodbye'
it seems to be a word for never seeing you again. " Deployment is a length of time a loved one is away from home
doing a given task for a said amount of time. What does it mean to me, too long without dad, husband and son.
My daughter walked around the night of the main body of the company left for deployment
and asked several soldiers this question, " How do you feel about the deployment? "
She is doing a speech for her High School Class about the effects of deployment on Military Families:
See what some guys had to say:
SPC White said that it's something you have to do, an obligation.
SSG Freeman stated that it is what I signed up for to defend my country,
but the time between deployments is too short and the time of deployments is too long.
SGT Brooks stated that this was his third time to go to Iraq. He understands his job
and knows that he is responsible to protect and defend his family.
SFC TJ stated it's a Job, someone has to do it!
SSG Tate said that he didn't mind going, and that is was like any other work day.
SSG(P) Parker stated that he is EXCITED!! He was one of the few asked that stated this.
Kim Parker said that she married a soldier and deployments are tough but every time he, SSG Parker,
she grows more proud to be a military spouse.

One other spouse that was asked was LT Stuart's wife, Mrs. Rachelle Stuart.
She stated that she is very proud of her husband, is terrified, and not too happy about the time frame of it all.
My daughter was unable to get around to everyone due to the craziness of this deployment,
but she understands that everyone had different and mixed feelings about the deployment.

by Christy Sparger




From The Voice Of An ARMY Daughter

The life of an ARMY daughter isn t as easy as people think.
We have the same struggles as well as greater struggles than most daughters.
We watch our fathers as they lace up their combat boots, just to go to work.
We watch as they button up their jackets and put on their hats and walk out the door.
We hear about all the struggles in our world today and wonder about
how many of the men and women fighting for our country, who lose their lives,
have families at home that they will never see again.
It.s hard but we stay strong for our fathers who fight so hard, so that we can be safe.
No one knows the pain of an ARMY daughter.
When we have to face the fact that we might never see our fathers again it hits hard
and nobody but a fellow ARMY daughter can know this pain.
Once again my father must leave and I must stay strong for my family and for the man who is my HERO.
I have to live with the fear of never seeing him again.
I have to deal with another birthday he will miss.
But still I must stay strong.
No one knows how hard it is to live this life, but I love my father dearly.
So I do what I have to do to get by.
It is said that you can see pain in the eyes of those who are hurting.
So, look into my eyes and you will see pain, fear, anger, and love all in one.
God please keep my father safe and bring him home safely.

Written By: Samantha Sparger Daughter of 1st SGT Sammy W. Sparger Jr.




Notes from 1SGT Sammy Sparger

April 1, 2008


E Co Spouses & Family Members,
Right now we are still in transition from arrival to preparation to mission.
Let me tell you a little bit about what is going on at this time.
Second platoon is being shown around the area they will be operating in by the outgoing unit.
They are ready with all of their special equipment and will take over their mission soon.
Headquarters and 1st platoon are just beginning recons in their area of responsibility today.
Currently most of our day to day actions revolve around getting our vehicles and equipment ready
for when we do take over our area. We were issued several up-armored HMMWV's
and are getting ready to put extra armor on the Bradley's. Everyone seems to be anxious
to just get past preparation and start right into the work phase, but that will happen in due time.

Thanks for your support, 1SG Sparger




The E Company Killer Konnection Newsletter is produced by the E Co. FRG,
co-led by Kim Parker and Christy Sparger.

All material is copyright Christy Sparger 2008




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