1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


"Service Honest and Faithful"

Discharge Paper of William E. Tracy



William E. Tracy was born in Harrison, Michigan in April 1879.

He enlisted in the Army as a Private for a period of three years on December 21, 1898 at Cleveland, Ohio.
His recruiting officer was Captain John C. F. Tillson of the 14th Infantry. Interestingly, Tillson would go on
to command the 22nd Infantry from 1916 to 1920.

Tracy's enlistment record indicated he stood five feet 7 7/8 inches tall, had brown eyes, light brown hair and a
fair complexion. His previous occupation was listed as bicycle repairman.

Tracy was assigned to Company L 22nd Infantry at Fort Crook, Nebraska on December 23, 1898.
He was one of 477 recruits assigned to the 22nd Infantry during the month of December 1898 and
one of 82 of those recruits who were assigned to Company L that month.

Tracy was one of nine soldiers from Company L who was transferred to the 70th Company Coastal Artillery
in September 1901. His discharge document indicates this transfer was under Special Orders 254 dated
September 25, 1901 but the Return of the 22nd Infantry for the month of September 1901 indicates the
transfer was under Special Orders 234 dated September 23, 1901 and that the transfer became effective
September 26, 1901 at Manila, Philippine Islands.

William E. Tracy was discharged upon expiration of his term of service on December 20, 1901 at the
Presidio at San Francisco, California with the rank of Private and a character rating of Excellent.

During his service with the 22nd Infantry William E. Tracy took part in no less than 14 combat engagements
against the insurgency in the Philippines.


Model 1875-1905 cap insignia for L Company 22nd Infantry





The battles, engagements, skirmishes and expeditions
listed on the above discharge paper, in which PVT Tracy took part are:


March 13-18, 1899----------------Guadeloupe Ridge and Pasio Pateros

March 14 & 15, 1899---------------------------------------------Near Pasig

March 18, 1899-----------------------------------Ridge in front of Pateros

March 19, 1899-----------------------------------------Near Laguna de Bay

March 25, 1899------------------------------Caloocan and Tuliahan River

March 26, 1899---------------------------------------------------------Malinta

March 31, 1899--------------------------------------------------------Malalos

April 22, 1899------------------------------------------------------Novaliches

May 2, 1899-------------------------------------------------------------Bustos

May 17, 1899-------------------------------------------------------San Isidro

May 18, 1899--------------------------------------Barrio of San Fernando

August 9, 1899------------------------------Advance from San Fernando

September 28, 1899---------------------Engagement in front of Angeles

November 10, 1899-January 17, 1900---------------General Lawton's Northern Expedition





Thanks to Michael Livingston for the above items and information about his grandfather, William E. Tracy






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