1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



TF 1-22 Infantry on the Horn of Africa:




Edited from TF 1-22 Infantry, from Homestead to Port au Prince


By MAJ John R. Evans, Command and General Staff College, 2000




This is dedicated to all the outstanding soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers

that faithfully served in 1-22 IN while it was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division.

They truly upheld the motto “Deeds, Not Words” and were “Regulars by God!”

LTC John R. Evans, USA 1-22 IN 1992-1995 “Regular 2” and “Hellcat 6”





The country of Somalia outlines the "Horn" of Africa



The world's attention focused on Somalia in 1992, as thousands died of starvation
and anarchic violence. United Nations military forces were sent into the country
to protect and aid in the distribution of humanitarian relief efforts.

Task Force 1-22 IN deployed to Somalia as part of the 10th Mountain Division in 1993.
Due to the activities of warring clans, and especially those activities overseen by the leader
of the largest of those, Mohamed Farrah Aidid, the mission of TF 1-22 IN turned from
one of defensive posture to offensive combat operations.

On the following pages the history of 1-22 Infantry in Somalia is traced by LTC John R. Evans,
who, as a Captain, served in Somalia as the 1-22 Infantry Battalion S2 and later commanded the BN's HHC.







The website is grateful to LTC John R. Evans
for his appreciation of the history of 1st Battalion.
His writings have defined and preserved for all time
our unit's history performing its missions with 10th MTN Division.

He is truly a Regular By God !




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