1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Preserving the history of the 22nd US Infantry


April, 2005

Under the direction of the 1st Battalion Commander, LTC Steve Russell,
and through the efforts of the Battalion Staff, and members of 1st Battalion,
the history of the 22nd Infantry is being preserved for future generations of Regulars.
In the Regimental Room of the Battalion at Fort Hood, Company Guidons, Campaign and Award Streamers,
and display cases containing artifacts of the 22nd Infantry throughout its service
stand as a testament to the distinguished history of the Regiment.

Using Battalion funds, donations from active duty personnel and others,
currently serving Regulars labored to make a presentation to honor their fellow soldiers,
both past and present, and by their accomplishments have once again shown that our motto is


Deeds, Not Words !




Underneath Company Guidons, display cases present items spanning over 100 years of 22nd Infantry history



Far left, bottom -- 1902 dress uniform for SGT Lewis S. Clark
Far left, top -- Photos of 22nd Infantry soldiers, early 1900's
Left, bottom -- model 1857 sack coat
Left, top -- model 1895 cap for Company M
Center, bottom -- 22nd Infantry Regimental drum
Right, top -- WW2 steel helmet
Right, bottom -- WW2 fatigue shirt
Far right, top -- Photo of SGT Marcario Garcia, 1st Battalion, WW 2, who earned the Medal of Honor
Far right, bottom -- captured German 98k Mauser rifle next to 22nd Infantry WW2 dress uniform



Far left, bottom -- Vietnam fatigue shirt (jungle jacket)
Left, top -- Vietnam steel helmet
Left, bottom -- captured AK-47 rifle - This weapon was donated to the 1st Battalion by COL Ron Rabin,
who brought it back from Vietnam. COL Rabin commanded 1st Battalion from Feb - July 1970.
Center, bottom -- captured Iraqi flag and helmet
Center, top -- captured Iraqi insurgent banner
Right, top -- kevlar helmet of SP Cody Hoefer
Right, bottom -- SP Cody Hoefer on the cover of TIME magazine
Far right, bottom -- Desert BDU of SP Cody Hoefer



Streamer presentation for campaign participation and awards of the 22nd Infantry



Large wooden distinctive insignia of the 22nd Infantry



Section of streamer presentation
Left -- Philippine Insurrection
Center -- World War 2 European Theatre
(Note arrowhead on NORMANDY streamer denoting D-DAY landing by 22nd Infantry on Utah Beach)
Right -- Vietnam




The website is grateful to Captain Matt Weber, Battalion S-1, for the above photos


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