1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Photos from The Presidio



SGT G.C. Hart
G Company 22nd Infantry


Grover C. Hart was still with Co. "G" 22nd Inf Regt.stationed at the Presidio in 1906 when the earthquake struck. 
He had returned from Mindanao in the same unit and was "Pulling Guard Duty" on Alcatraz Island  as Corporal of the Guard,
  (Alcatraz was a U.S. Army prison at that time) when the earthquake hit at 6 AM. 
He said the shock threw him completely out of bed and onto the floor it was so great.  He was assigned to the City immediately to control looting.

The 22nd Infantry was one of the Army units detailed to help in the aftermath of the earthquake. The Regiment had recently returned
from several years of tough campaigns during the Philippine Insurrection, where Grover Hart had received
special mention for his participation in the raid which killed the Datu Ali.


Special Orders No. 79 of the 22nd Infantry, 1906,
promoting Grover Hart to the rank of Sergeant,


SGT Grover C. Hart - The Presidio 1907
SGT Hart is in the center of the photo.



Company G 22nd Infantry - The Presidio 1907
SGT Hart is in the bottom row, 3rd from the left.



22nd Infantry Non-Commissioned Officers of Company G,
with the Company Commander - The Presidio 1907
SGT Hart is 4th from the left.



Officers of the 22nd Infantry
Field grade officer in the bottom row center is believed to be
Lieutenant Colonel George F. Cooke, Executive Officer of the Regiment



22nd Infantry soldiers being inspected - The Presidio



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