1st Battalion 22nd Infantry








Map of Operation Paul Revere IV.

The symbol for 2nd Brigade
4th Infantry Division,
( 2nd BDE 4ID )
which included 1/22 Infantry is:

As can be seen, 2nd BDE 4ID
moved from Plei Djereng into
the Plei Trap Valley across the
Nam Sathay River in November,
just north of the enemy's
Base Area 702 in Cambodia.

In December 2nd BDE 4ID
moved deeper into the northern
part of the Plei Trap Valley,
along with 3rd Brigade of the
25th Infantry Division
( two large blue arrows at the top ).




Operation Paul Revere IV was a search and destroy operation that took place from 18 October 1966
to 31 December 1966, in the western II Corps area of the Republic of Vietnam.


Taking part in the operation:


2d Brigade Task Force, 4th Infantry Division, consisting of:

2/8 Infantry

1/12 Infantry

1/22 Infantry

4/42 Field Artillery


3d Brigade Task Force, 25th Infantry Division, consisting of:

1/14 Infantry

1/35 Infantry

2/35 Infantry

2/9 Field Artillery


Numerous supporting and attached units.







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