1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Life magazine article on the 22nd Infantry in the Hürtgen




Life magazine January 1, 1945
Vol. 18, No. 1


The January 1, 1945 issue of LIFE magazine ran the following article about the battle in the Hürtgen Forest.
In the article several prominent and historically important names from the 22nd Infantry are mentioned.
Among those names are Colonel Charles T. "Buck" Lanham, the 22nd Infantry Regimental Commander,
SGT Marcario Garcia, Medal of Honor recipient from 1st Battalion, and Major George Goforth, Commander of 1st Battalion.
Also in the narrative is Captain Clifford "Swede" Henley, the S3 officer for 1st Battalion, who took over command of
1st Battalion when Major Goforth was wounded.



22nd Infantry Soldiers mentioned in the article:


SGT Macario Garcia

webmaster's collection


COL Charles T. Lanham

Ernest Hemingway Photograph Collection,
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.


Major George Goforth

1946 Regimental yearbook


CPT Clifford Henley

1946 Regimental yearbook




Photo captions below are from the original article






New roads had to be cut through the trees and paved
with logs so trucks could move up

A river of mud on a road slows a jeep pushing through the tall evergreens of western Germany.
One big obstacle to the slow U.S. push eastward through the Hürtgen Forest was the fact that
the roads ran north and south.



Above is evidence of one of the deadly little fights which went on even in quiet periods.
Americans advance past the bodies of four Germans killed by a single grenade while
they were firing a captured U.S. machine gun.





Bone-weary Americans who fought in one of the forest battles
eat their first hot meal in 15 days.




Log huts and other rude comforts were set up by the men when fighting in the forest died down








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