1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


SGT G.C. Hart
G Company 22nd Infantry

SGT G.C. Hart

The items on this page were brought home in 1906 by the young 22nd Infantry soldier Grover C. Hart,
newly appointed to the rank of Corporal on the return voyage.
They are testaments to his service in the grueling combat environment of the Philippine Insurrection.


Mementos brought home from the Philippines by G.C. Hart

All of the swords, daggers, spears and the rifle in these photos were fighting weapons of the Moro insurgents.





Two Kris swords with their wooden scabbards

The Kris is a heavy double-edged sword.
The wavy pattern to the blade allows for easy blood flow during a thrust.
Note the short spears at the top of the photo.




Two Kris swords brought back from the Philippines by
G.C. Hart


Members of the Provisional Company sent after the Datu Ali, 1905.
Note soldier in center with captured Kris and scabbard.




Kampilan with its wooden scabbard

Traditional long sword of the Moros. Near the point is an upward curving prong, called a spikelet, which causes severe damage on a thrust.
The end of the hilt is split, to resemble the open jaws of a crocodile.




Daggers and Barong

The Barong (Barung) has a single edge "leaf" shaped blade.
Tremendous cutting power when swung and very deadly in close quarters combat.




Long spears, Kampilan, rolling block rifle and Mills cartridge belt

The rifle was captured from the Moros, who had previously captured it from the Spanish.




Long spears, Kampilan, rolling block rifle and Mills cartridge belt




Spanish Remington rolling block rifle caliber 11mm x 58R (.43 Spanish)
Adopted by the Spanish Army in 1871 and issued until 1893, when replaced by the M1893 Mauser in 7mm caliber.
Note caliber .43 rimmed cartridges to the right, above the rifle.




US Army Mills cartridge belt worn by G.C. Hart in the Philippines.

The Mills cartridge belt was issued in both khaki and blue colors.
The cartridges on the belt are caliber .30-40 Krag, as used in the service rifle issued to Grover Hart during the Insurrection.
Note the second cartridge from the right, which was struck by a Moro bullet, while in the belt of a 22nd Infantry soldier.






All photos are copyright Michael Belis 2004 on behalf of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Website




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