1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



Timeline of events---Haiti---1990-1995

16 December 1990----------Jean Bertrand Aristide is elected President in Haiti.

7 February 1991----------President Aristide takes office.

30 September 1991----------Military coup in Haiti brings LTG Cedras to power and President Aristide flees to the United States.

3 July 1993----------The UN/OAS broker the Governors' Island Accords, allowing for the return to power of President Aristide.

8 October 1993----------The USS Harlan County attempts to dock in Port-au-Prince, carrying peacekeepers to implement the Accords. The Harlan County is turned away by a gun-carrying mob at the port.

October 1993----------Joint Task Force 180 is established at Fort Bragg under XVIII Airborne Corps, to develop plans to restore democracy in Haiti and prepare for the return of President Aristide.

29 July 1994----------10th Mountain Division given the mission to form Joint Task Force 190 in order to carry out Operation Uphold Demcoracy.

31 July 1994----------UN passes Resolution 940 calling for the "application of all necessary means" to restore democracy in Haiti.

14 September 1994----------USS Eisenhower sails from Norfolk, VA, with 10th Mountain Division units embarked.

18 September 1994----------President Carter, Senator Nunn and General Powell reach agreement with LTG Cedras and President Jonaissant to relinquish power to President Aristide.

19 September 1994----------10th Mountain Division conducts air assault from carrier USS Eisenhower to seize Port-au-Prince International Airport and the port itself. 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry lands at Port-au-Prince Airport, flying directly in from the United States.

12 October 1994----------LTG Cedras and BG Biamby depart Haiti.

15 October 1994----------President Aristide returns to Haiti.

14 January 1995----------10th Mountain Division turns over control of Joint Task Force 190/ Multinational Force to 25th Infantry Division.


Above illustration is from "The Twenty Second Dispatch" January, 1995 Volume VIII Number 2




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