1st Battalion 22nd Infantry

Sgt Lewis S. Clark
Company M, 22nd Infantry Regiment

Sgt Clark's Model 1902 Dress Uniform


Lewis S. Clark served in the 22nd Infantry from January 1905 to January 1908.
He saw duty in the Philippine Insurrection, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake,
and in the 1907 miners strike in Nevada.

His dress uniform and the following photographs and other items were acquired by a group
of historically-minded individuals, including veteran Regulars, presently serving Regulars,
and the son of a Regular who served with distinction in the Regiment at the same time as Clark.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the above individuals,
SGT Clark's uniforms and mementos have been brought home to the Regiment,
where they are displayed in honor of the 22nd Infantry Regulars serving at the beginning of the 20th Century.

The items on this and the next page were sent to LTC Steve Russell,
Commanding Officer 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, at Fort Hood, Texas,
who oversaw their display in the Regimental Room of 1st Battalion,
along with other items representing the 22nd Infantry,
from the Regiment's duty in the Spanish American War,
through its service in Operation Iraqi Freedom.



Lewis S. Clark, Private, Company M, 22nd Infantry

In a formal portrait, Private Lewis Clark is wearing his model 1902 dress uniform




SGT Lewis S. Clark's Model 1902 dress coat and trousers

The coat is piped in light blue, with light blue Model 1902 breast cords.
The trousers have a white stripe down the leg, denoting Infantry Branch.



SGT Clark's Model 1902 uniform coat.

The crossed rifles are Model 1905 pattern for a non-commissioned officer of the 22nd Infantry.
From 1905 to 1924 the Department of the Army specified the style of the rifles
would reflect the Springfield bolt action rifle adopted by the Army in 1903.



SGT Clark's Model 1902 uniform and personal swagger stick



End cap to SGT Clark's swagger stick



Another view of the uniform



SGT Clark's uniform on display in the Regimental Room of the 1-22 Infantry at Fort Hood, Texas.
The medal on the coat is the Philippine Campaign Medal (1899-1913).




Corporal Lewis S. Clark, on the right --
on the left a fellow soldier from M Company, identified only as "Keith"

Both are wearing their Model 1902 dress uniforms, but without breast cords.



An unidentified soldier from Company M, 22nd Infantry

Another fellow Regular from Lewis Clark's Company,
resplendent in his Model 1902 dress uniform, complete with white gloves.



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