1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Students Place Wreath at Tomb of the Unknown


Editor's note:

Charles "Doc" Shyab was a medic with Company C of 1/22 Infantry
during the Battle of Chu Moor Mountain in 1968.


On Tuesday, May 19, 2006 the Sixth Grade Class of John Nevins Andrews School led by their teacher Charles Shyab,
A Viet Nam vet, presented a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and Viet Nam Memorial.
They read the names of the fallen who were in the Battle of Chu Moor, May 24/28 1968.
This has been a yearly visit since 1992.This year the students were shown a video
about the history of the Tomb to compliment their classroom discussion.



Of the 4 who placed the wreath at the Tomb; the front boy is Evan Nebblett, girl Shivani Bakshi.
Rear Boy- Kiel Smith, Girl Brittany Owens 






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