1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Students Honor 1/22 Fallen At Chu Moor

May 2005


Charles "Doc" Shyab was a medic with Company C of 1/22 Infantry
during the Battle of Chu Moor Mountain in 1968.
Of the twenty Regulars Killed In Action during the fight,
nine were from Company C.

The following story and photos are from Doc Shyab:


I have taught at John Nevins Andrews School sixth grade in Takoma Park Md. for 13 years.
The school is an SDA sponsored school and the class usually has between 25/30 students. 
Each year I have taken them to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown
where 4 students randomly picked have gone beyond the ropes and presented a wreath
while Taps are played. It is always a special trip they look forward to all year.
This year for the first time they asked to present a wreath at the wall
after I told them what had happened at Chu Moor.
We found the 20 names from the list on the wall. It was a very touching moment for the class.
We were accompanied by the bus driver who served in the Army in the 50's inJapan
and one of the Mother's whose father is a Vet from Nam.

Charles "Doc" Shyab ---------- May 2005




Students Barry Bowen (left) and Michael Gill (right)
carry the wreath to be presented at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
May 16, 2005


The students present the wreath to the Honor guard
at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
May 16, 2005



After presenting the wreath, the students leave the Tomb,
escorted by the Sergeant of the Guard.
On the left is Danielle Occenad - on the right is Kristina Nerona



Presenting the wreath at the Vietnam Memorial Wall May 2005
On the left is Jermaine Robinson, on the right is Malcolm Jolly


Charles "Doc" Shyab at the Wall
holding a list of the 1st Battalion Killed In Action at Chu Moor


The wreath and list of 1/22 Killed In Action at Chu Moor




The website wishes to thank the students of the 6th Grade Class of John Nevins Andrews School
for their honoring of our fallen brothers.
With students like these, the future of our country is in good hands.




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