1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


WW2 Vet visits Bastogne


Curtis Phillips served in D Company 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry from 1944-1946.
After the war he married and settled down in Belgium.

The following photos were taken when Curtis, with his family and friends, visited the memorial at Bastogne,
at the City Hall and Memorial Mardasson, for the 65th anniversary of that famous battle, December 12, 2009.




Curtis walking down the main street in Bastogne


Curtis on the left


To Curtis' left is Helen, daughter of General george S. Patton


Curtis with his family.
His wife Arlette is seated next to him and behind them with the red hat
is their third daughter, Anne-Claude.


US Army honor guard


To Curtis' right is his friend Alain Duez




The website is grateful to Alain Duez for the above photos





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