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22nd Infantry Regiment Vietnam Monument

Artist rendering of the projected monument




A brief summary of the latest news concerning the RVN era monument. You can see the proposed design above. It will remain the same accept for some changes to the map and some research is being done on the verbiage.  It was voted on and passed to have the monument erected at Ft. Benning. As usual, there will be a mound of paperwork before it actually is approved by the Army. But ... before any of it actually takes shape WE NEED YOUR $$$ money $$$. A good guestimate of the cost is about $8000 - $10,000. We only have about $1600 in the kitty. We have a long way to go. A more detailed report follows.


Nathan Palani 

P.O. Box 50370

Reno, NV 89513-0370

Please make  your checks payable to: 22nd Infantry Regiment Society

In the memo area, Viet Nam Monument Fund

Thanks in advance and Welcome Home!

         Your donation is tax deductible as we are a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)19, further information is available upon request.


Ed Schultz, HHC/2-22 Vietnam, 8043 Chaucer Drive, WeekiWachee, FL 34607, our first vice president and chairman of our Monument Committee reports:

“Ed Schultz, RVN Memorial Committee Chairman, provided Reunion members with a current status report of this project. The project was initiated at the   Cleveland, Ohio Reunion when Tom Reid, former Society Treasurer and last CO of   I/3-22, WWII recommended the Vietnam Vets take action to establish a Memorial for Regimental soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam. WWII Regimental Vets did this in the 1980’s for their KIA. That monument sits at First Christian Church in Phoenix, Arizona (Bill Boice, WWII Regimental Chaplain founded this Church). Tom Reid donated the first $100 for the Vietnam Memorial. A committee was formed consisting of Ed Schultz (Chairman), HQ/2-22, 67-68; Ival Lawhon, A/2-22, 69-70; Brad Hull, A/2-22, 69-70; Rich Geib, B/3-22, 70-71; Royal Runyon,C/3-22,65-67; Lou Dinetz, B/1-22, 65-67.

     At our St. Louis Reunion a proposed drawing of the Memorial was presented (see sketch on front page of newsletter). This proposal was arrived at using input from Newsletter Surveys and ideas developed by the committee. As of 28 April 2002 donations totaled $1,607.22. It is estimated that the Memorial will cost from $8,000 to $10,000. Ed’s status report provided information and analysis of a range of sites including Arlington National Cemetery, National Museum of the United States Army (to be opened at Ft Belvoir in 2009), Ft Lewis, Washington, West Point and Ft Benning, Georgia (National Infantry Museum). Slides of the Infantry Museum and Sacrifice Field (across street from Museum), where numerous memorials have been established were shown. During the presentation it was determined that one of our members, Edward R. Davis, A/2-22 ‘67, who had also been assigned to the 199th Inf Bde and who later was involved in the effort to place their memorial at Ft Benning, should be incorporated into our committee. Ed Schultz stated the committee required guidance and/or decisions at this time.

After much discussion it was decided that our Vietnam Memorial should be established at Ft Benning, Georgia and that it should be accomplished as soon as possible. It was also agreed that we should attempt to have our monument close to the main Museum building so that funding could be saved on required sidewalks for handicap access. Changes to the proposed Memorial also were agreed to that would add Tuy Hoa and An Khe to the cities cited on the memorial. Also the 22nd Infantry Regiment would be across the top, rather than 22nd Infantry Regiment Society with the unit motto, (Deeds Not Words) placed below. On the bottom, in smaller engraving will be the phrase " Donated by the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society".

What the Society needs now is the same enthusiastic monetary support demonstrated by our Holiday Season Support Fund, established for our Active Units, in October/November of 2001. Several members made donations after the status report (as of May 14, total donated is just over $2,200) . . . . but much more is required to finalize this worthy project. Tom Reid has offered to provide the last $100 required for this effort. However, we don’t have to worry about having an exact amount as any funds donated in excess to this memorial will be earmarked for our next memorial recognizing Regimental losses in the Indian Wars. Keep your cards and letters coming as..... WE NEED THE MONEY!!!!!!!” (Send tax deductible donations to Nathan Palani, our treasurer at PO Box 50370, Reno, NV 89513). Donations of $22 or $50 or $100 or $221 or $222 or $223 or any other amount you can afford will make this dream a reality as soon as possible.




On Thursday, July 10, 2003, ground was broken for the 22nd Infantry Regiment monument to memorialize the over 825 soldiers of the 22nd Infantry Regiment who gave their lives in the Vietnam war.  The monument will be on the grounds of the National Infantry Museum at Fort Benning, GA. Attending the ceremony was (left to right):

Ed Annable, Registrar, National Infantry Museum
Bill Allison, C/2-22 Vietnam (67-68) - Director of 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
Ed Schultz, HQ/2-22 Vietnam (67-68) - Sr VP of 22nd and Monument Committee chairman
Awb Norris, HQ/2-22 Vietnam (67-68) - Honorary Colonel of the Regiment
Bob Babcock, B/1-22 Vietnam (65-67) - President of 22nd Infantry Regiment Society
CSM Jim Pickering, HQ/1-22 Fort Hood (00-01)
CPT Matt Martin, 2-22 Fort Drum and Bosnia (99-02)
Gary Erlandson, Dye Granite - contractor who will build the Monument

If all goes as planned, the monument will be completed by the first of September 2003 and a formal dedication will be held in the last half of September.


Ground Breaking July 10, 2003

Front row:
CSM Jim Pickering, HQ/1-22 (00-01)
Bob Babcock, B/1-22 (65-67) (President)

Back row:
Ed Schultz, HQ/2-22 (67-68) (Monument chairman)
Bill Allison, C/2-22  (67-68)
Awb Norris, HQ/2-22 (67-68) (Honorary Colonel)
CPT Matt Martin, HQ/2-22 (99-02)

The monument in place at Fort Benning. August 25, 2003


Captain Matt Martin, HHC 2-22 Inf., on the left, Bob Babcock, President of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, on the right


Rear of monument


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