1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Miscellaneous photos




The attached picture is part of the group of C/1/22 Vietnam 1967-68 vets and families who met in Muskogee, OK December 27, 2006.
Members came from Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas for the lunch meeting. This has become an annual holiday event for this group

Pictured are L-R June Murray, Ray Warner, Linda Warner, John Bobb, Darlene Roark, Robert Roark,
Bud Roach, Kevin Roach, Cecelia Roach, and Zach Rodgers.




Attending the reunion of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society in Omaha (October 2006)
were two former Commanders of 1st Battalion.
Far left is Mark Woempner, CO 11 June 2001 - 11 June 2003
Fourth from left is Steve Russell, CO 11 June 2003 - 14 June 2005




Branson, MO November 2007

BACK ROW-L-R-  Sgt Wilbert Brooks;Dennis Sowards;Angel Macias;Johnny Grey;
Galen Vercher;Charles Chill;James Hamm;;Fred Golladay;Nick Corragio; Gerald Paherson.

FRONT ROW-L-R -Ken Schatz;Pete Pintacura;Craig Carstens-
Bill "Tex" Thomas not shown

Note the 1/22 Infantry black scarves.

Photo by Fred Golladay, sent in by Bill Hodder





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