1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


6th Grade class pays honors at Arlington

May 2011


Mrs. Carmen Esposito and her 6th grade class from John Nevins Andrews (JNA) school,
from Takoma Park, MD, at the marble amphitheater at Arlington.



The John Nevins Andrews 6th grade class trip to Arlington Cemetery, May 16, 2011


Mrs. Carmen Esposito the 6th grade teacher has been planning the class trip for over a year because of the demand for groups
to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is one of the high points of the school year for the students
to pay their respects to America’s fallen soldiers. The group was escorted to the Cemetery by Mr. Charles Shyab,
a former teacher at JNA and Viet Nam Vet. Drawing from his previous class trips to Arlington and his experience as
an Army medic the students were treated to a tour of the many sites in the Nation’s Capitol. The wreath laying ceremony
with “Taps” in which 3 class members and Mrs. Esposito presented the wreath with the assistance of the Tomb Guards
was an experience to be remembered. The class was surprised to see the nearby marble Amphitheater with the gleaming
white stone that is the location of many memorial services.

Just near there they saw the tomb of Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of WW II.


The grave of Audie Murphy
in Arlington Cemetery.


The students then proceeded to the grave site of Lt. William Zimmerman, a platoon leader of Co. C 1/22 Infantry,
4th Infantry Division, who was out of the field and chose to return to his men on April 28, 1968 only to give up his life
in service to his fellow soldiers.


The grave of 1st Lieutenant William Zimmerman
of Company C 1/22 Infantry in Arlington Cemetery.



The students also visited the grave of Joe Lewis, World Heavyweight Boxing champion that also served in WWII
and did much to help his people achieve racial equality. The class continued on to the Kennedy Family plot where
President Kennedy and his wife and children are resting under the eternal flame. There are many quotes from
the president’s speeches etched in stone that are an inspiration to all who visit the site. They also stopped at the grave
of Robert Kennedy, the assassinated brother of President Kennedy.


Mr. Shyab at the Kennedy family plot where the eternal flame continues to give it's light.


The next location visited was the Viet Nam Wall, where over 45,000 soldiers name are written that lost their lives in the Asian conflict.
Mr. Shyab showed the students panel 52-E where the names of 30 men of Co. C, 1/22 4th ID are located that lost their lives
on that fateful time in April of 1968, along with Lt. Zimmerman. The class realized the cost of war once the events take on
a personal meaning. Near the wall the class lingered at the Bronze Memorial of the 3 Viet Nam soldiers showing what they wore
and carried. Further on they learned about the Viet Nam Nurse Memorial that pays tribute to those who gave aid to those wounded in battle.

Mrs. Esposito , Mr. Shyab and the chaperones were pleased that the trip went so well and that the students learned much more of American history as well as the ultimate sacrifice many men gave in serving our country.


The Sargent giving instructions to the 4 Ceremony participants.


The JNA wreath next to the trumpet player before playing "Taps".


JNA 6th graders return from placing the wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier


All class members salute during "Taps".


The JNA 6th grade gathers for a class photo at the Vietnam Nurse Memorial.


Finding the names of Soldiers of Company C 1/22 Infantry KIA in April 1968


Finding the names of Richard Cassano and Lt. Zimmerman of Company C 1/22 Infantry on the Wall.




Photos courtesy of Charles "Doc" Shyab, Medic of Company C 1/22 Infantry 1967-1968






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