1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



One Last Kiss

Throughout the history of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry, soldiers have said goodbye to their loved ones, leaving for duty stations and deployments which include long periods of separation from home and family.

In many cases, those deployments have included going in harm's way, with all the uncertainty that such assignments bring.

The following poem was inspired by the photograph of SSG Steven Gerard and his wife Valerie, as they embraced for one last time prior to SSG Gerard's deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as part of Task Force Regular.


SSG Steven Gerard and his wife Valerie



One Last Kiss

by Cathy Daugherty


Amidst the hugs and tears,

We fight to hide our fears.

We must be strong,

And not let it show,

For it's not by choice you go.

You go for honor and duty,

To keep us all safe and sound.


The time you are gone will pass so slow,

As this and other battles unfold.

During our time apart,

A picture of us I'll hold within my heart.

Long and lonely the nights will be,

As I think of you and me.


Each night I will pray

To keep you safe and sound,

And for God to send you homeward bound.

So before you go, one last kiss,

How I wish, this plane you could miss.




"One Last Kiss " Copyright 2002 by Cathy Daugherty All rights reserved

Used by personal permission of Cathy Daugherty




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