1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Hands At Work


The following photographs are to be included in an exhibit by Miriam LeGare, at California State University, Sacramento, California, September 30 - October 25, 2002.

The show is entitled "Hands At Work", and presents images of the hands of artists, artisans and mechanics. The exhibit will be open to the public. For more information, contact Bill Olmstead at (916) 278-7911, or Olmstead @csus.edu or www.csus.edu/webpages/news/htm.

The images below were photographed by Dr LeGare in June 2001. They are hands of the men of Alpha Company, 4th Forward Support Battalion, 4th Infantry Division (M), as they worked on Bradleys and trucks of the 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry.



The above images are copyright 2001 by Dr Miriam LeGare.

They may not be copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the owner.

Many thanks to Dr LeGare and to Anne & Marc LeGare for their assistance.



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