1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


1st BN (M), 22nd IN conducted an Infantry Dining-In with 2nd BN (M), 8th IN at 1800 on 07 November 2002 at the Fort Hood Officers' Club.

The following is Bob Babcock's report on the affair:


1-22 Dining In at Fort Hood. 

After my experience with the troops of 2-22 at Fort Drum, I came home and called LTC Mark Woempner of 1-22 at Fort Hood and accepted the invitation that he had extended to attend their Dining In on November 7.  I had been planning to spend Veterans Day at the Wall in Washington, DC but decided my time would be better spent with the soldiers of 1-22 who are getting ready to go to war.  Bill Bukovec, our registrar who served with me in B/1-22 in Vietnam joined me.   LTC Woempner gave me the opportunity to talk to the entire battalion at their formation that afternoon.  It was a great honor and I tried to convey to them how proud we vets are of them, how they are building on a proud tradition, how we will support them when they go off to war, and that they have the most important job on the face of the earth today. The Dining In was fun as  always and the treatment that Bill and I received by all the officers and men of 1-22 was heart warming.  Just as with 2-22, we have America’s finest in 1-22 today.

The last dining-in where four of us attended-- we all wore tuxedos.  Known as the penguins. 


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