1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Dedication To Fallen Regulars


22nd Infantry Regiment Veterans visited Fort Hood
in September 24, 2004 for a formal Dining-In ceremony.
They assisted in the planting of trees as a memorial
to the nine 1-22 Regulars (and Supporting Units) Killed In Action
during 1-22 duties in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Right to left:
LTC Steve Russell (CO 1-22),
Chuck Boyle of A/C/3-22 (VN)
Dr. Sam Barrett, Regimental dentist of 22nd Infantry Regiment in WWII
Two currently serving Regulars of 1-22



Dr. Sam Barrett uses his proficiency with the e-tool to plant tree.



A job well done.



On right hand side in gray shirt is Bob Frisby, A/1-22 IN in WWII - earned the Silver Star and was guest of honor at the Dining In
Skip Fahel, president of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society, has his back to the camera in the picture. 



Veterans and current Regulars discuss weapons & equipment.



Chuck Boyle A/C/3-22 (VN) handles current infantry weapon.


22nd Infantry veterans with Iraqi flag captured by
1-22 Infantry during Operation Iraqi Freedom

Right hand side as you look at the picture:  
Bob Frisby, A/1-22 WWII Sam Barrett, Regiment dentist, WWII - Bob Babcock, B/1-22 VN - Bill Bukovec, B/1-22 VN  (behind Babcock)
Stan Tarkenton, M/3-22 WWII - Chuck Boyle, A/C/3-22 VN - Mike Groves, A/2-22 VN (behind Boyle) Skip Fahel, 2-22 or 3-22 VN

Continuing on from Skip Fahel - to our left in picture:  
Driver for the guy next to him , LTC Ron Reiff - 1-22 IN - VN he was a BN CO - Bill Saling - HQ/1-22 IN - VN
Jim Stapleton - A/C/1-22 - VN (behind Saling, can barely see his face) - Lon Oakley 2-22 VN - John Bradley - A/2-22 VN



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