1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


C Company Reunion
San Antonio, Texas
June 2012

Photos and story by Bud Roach and Charles Shyab




Seated L-R: Robert Roark, David Ratcliff, Elmer Hale, June (Jim) Murray, Fred Childs, George Humphrey, Bud Roach,
Claudia (Bill) Zimmerman, Tom Barron, Bill French, Howard Schiele

1st row standing L-R: Dennis Jones, John Brock, Mike Stokes, Ron Draper, Jim Rapier, Mike MacCallum, Charles Shyab,
Don Couvillion, Dale Bishop, Roberto Ortiz

2nd row standing L-R: Gary Tedeschi, Dick Snow, Ron Mays, Terry Sorvik, Ray Warner, Gary Richardson, Tim Dieffenbacher,
Curt Fletcher, Andrei Pashin

Top row L-R: Chuck Zimmerman, Jack Chavez, Ron Brunty





Susan Stallings, Mike Stoakes, Charlie Shyab



Ron Draper, Dennis Jones, Ray Warner



Curt Fletcher, C. Shyab, Jim Rapier, Terry Sorvik, David Ratcliff



David Ratcliff, Don Couvillion,Charles Shyab,Terry Sorvik receiving their certificates
naming them Life members in the Military Order of the P-38.








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