1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


On June 16, 2011 Company C 1/22 Infantry (VN 1968) held its annual reunion
in Branson, Missouri. The following are photos from that reunion.





Center piece for the candle table


Group at Flames of Remembrance Ceremony


Robert Roark's family...Robert, his wife, Darlene, his sister, his brother-in-law, his son, his daughter-in-law
and not pictured his daughter (taking the picture) and his grandchildren.
This is an illustration of the family reunion atmosphere of our meetings.


Guest speaker for the ceremony


Candles burning after the Flames of Remembrance Ceremony


Claudia and Chuck Zimmerman lighting a candle for Bill Zimmerman KIA 4/28/68


Medics Bud Roach, Charlie Shyab and Ray Warner along with June Murray light a candle
in memory of Jim Murray who passed away in 2003


Ray Warner and Robert Roark. Ray is explaining how Robert saved his life during an ambush on Nov 17, 1967


Many of the 1/22 Men signed the flag and cards for Mrs. Claspill, mother of Larry Claspill
who was KIA in Kontum, 2/2/1968, during an NVA attack. Pictured signing are Fred Childs and Mike Stokes, (rt)


We were so glad to have the Bud Roach family attend, including little Ruby at her 2nd reunion.


The Chaplin lighting one of the candles as part of the Flames of Remembrance ceremony


At times it takes two to pay the respect for the fallen!


Men of Co. C honoring the Company's fallen


Over 30 candles were lit for our friends who gave their all. "Greater love hath no man than to give his life for his friends".
The lights were lowered for a moment of silent reflection in hope that their legacy will continue
in the lives of those who served with them.





Photos from Bud Roach, Charles Shyab and Robert Roark (daughter)




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