1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


C Company Reunion
July 16 - July 18 - 2009
New Orleans, Louisiana

Photos and story by Bud Roach


Members of C Company 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry met in New Orleans July 16-18.
This marked our sixth year to meet. It was another great weekend. New Orleans is a unique city
and visiting with friends made it even more special. Twelve veterans of the ’68 Tet Offensive and/or
Chu Moor Mountain along with family and friends took in the French Quarter attractions.
Jack Chavez and Elmer Hale were especially impressed by the way the locals were able to expose the Louisiana hospitality.
First time attendees were Susan Stallings, a friend of Gary Grassi, Pat Vead, Wife of Valley Vead,
and Kristie Vead, daughter of Valley Vead.

Thursday night the group enjoyed the music at Pat O’Brian’s where the veterans were recognized
and the band played “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ in their honor. Friday was highlighted by a trip
down the Mississippi on the steamboat Natchez followed by dinner at Mother’s Restaurant.
The weekend was concluded with a catered lunch at the WW II Museum where the Flames of Remembrance ceremony
was carried out. This year we lit candles for those from C Company ’68 who have passed away after returning home
from Vietnam in addition to the more than thirty candles lit for Vietnam casualties. This year we have been made aware
that Jim Murray, Valley Vead, Knobby Thomas, Jesus Carranco, and Eugene Westbrook have passed.

We will continue our July tradition by meeting in Branson, Missouri next summer.

C/1/22 Vietnam Tet to Chu Moor '68 Back Charlie Shyab, Mike McCallum (D Company), Jack Chavez,
Ray Warner, Robert Roark, Bud Roach - Front Larry Konermann, Elmer Hale, Mike Stokes, Tom Barron


Valley Vead's widow, Pat, brought Valley's picture album


The visiting never ended--first day to last


More visiting




Mike McCallum and Mike Stokes traveled to Vietnam last year.
The plaque they are holding contains a vial of dirt from the site where Camp Enari was located.


At Mother's Restaurant L-R Tim Diefenbacher--Bud Roach--Charlie Shyab--
others from the group are in the background.

Photo by Charlie Shyab


Taken after the lighting of the Flames of Rememberance.
Back Row Tim Diefenbacher--John Bobb--Mike McCallum--Jack Chavez--Ray Warner--Bud Roach.
Front Row--Robert Roark--Elmer Hale--Charlie Shyab--Tom Barron--Larry Konermann--Mike Stokes.

Photo by Charlie Shyab





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