1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Company C Reunion
July 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2005
Killeen, Texas


Members of C/1/22 67-68 met in Killeen, TX July 7-8-9-10.
We were joined by four members of C Company who were with the unit when it deployed to Nam in 66.
Thursday was check in and visited as members arrived. Dinner together.
Friday was spent touring Ft. Hood as guests of 1/22. We were treated like VIP's.
We were met at the gate and toured by bus. A memorial service was held at Regiment Headquarters
followed by lunch at a mess hall. The afternoon was spent at the 4th Division Museum.
The six hour tour was much more than we expected. Saturday was spent visiting at the hotel.
Dinner and entertainment capped off the evening. Sunday we had breakfast together before we began to leave.


Members of the reunion group toured 1/22 Headquarters at Ft. Hood


From left....Robert Roark, Charlie Shyab, Bud Roach, and Jack Chavez at the regimental display.
Jack, Charlie, and Bud hold books that were donated to the library.


John Bobb, Elmer Hale, Charlie Shyab, and Bud Roach in front of the Wall of Honor at the 4th ID Museum.


Elmer Hale (on left) presenting John Bobb (on right) with certificate of appreciation for his service a platoon leader.


Charlie Shyab, right, presenting Larry Konermann, left, Company Commander, with a framed certificate of appreciation.

After the reunion, Larry Konerman sent Bud Roach the following letter:

I was truly honored and humbled by the plaque that the members of C Co.1/22 Inf presented to me on 9 july 2005 at the company reunion in Texas. 
I greatly appreciate your gesture.  However, all the success that Charlie Company had during my command were directly attributable
to the intelligence, courage, ingenuity, and tenacity of the soldiers and non-coms of the unit. 
I felt at the time I was lucky to be your commander and feel even more priveleged now. 
Thank you for your service and sacrifice in Viet Nam, for your unstinting support of me there: and for this honor
you bestowed on me--and two of my best Lieutenants.  I hope to be able to thank those not at the presentation at a future reunion.

Thank you again for this high honor.

Leo L. "Larry" Konermann Jr.  DVM
LTC  USA  Retired


The group of C/1/22 67-68 vets
From left - Charlie Shyab, John Bobb, Elmer Hale, Bud Roach, Robert Roark, Jack Chavez, Joe Potter, and Larry Konermann


Saturday night dinner.


Peter DiFranco, Glen James, and Stan Esparza C/1/22 members 66-67.
They were in the first group of 1/22 to arrive in Nam.


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