1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


B Company Reunion 2011


Sign at 1-22 IN area at Fort Carson





Bob Babcock visits with CSM (Retired) Albert Burrell


Souvenir jacket made in Vietnam from poncho liner material


Enhanced Battle Rifle


The Rough Riders attended the color guard presentation


Bob Babcock and Albert Burrell


Left to right: Albert Burrell, Bob Babcock, Dennis Otte,
all from B 1/22 Infantry Vietnam 1966-67






Photos by Bill Hodder B-1/22ND RVN 68-69


Bob Babcock B 1/22 Infantry RVN 66-67




From Gary Root:


For some who were in Colorado Springs this month for the 7th Annual Reunion, they will always remember this as one
of the highlights of the reunion. 
  On that Thursday morning, we were picked up by buses from Fort Carson. Both buses had a tour guide
(a staff member from Fort Carson's public affairs).  As we traveled through Fort Carson, we learned much about what the Fort is all about...
it is the home of the 4th Infantry.  Our first stop was to the Urban Combat Training field where we saw first hand the training that the
modern soldier receives.  Most impressive.
  As our tour buses took us to the Cafeteria for lunch, we were greeted by young soldiers
who were with B Co 1/22nd 4th infantry.  These young men had returned in June from a tour in Afghanastain.  As we sat and had lunch
with these men, we were each impressed and very proud of them.  They all had much to offer regarding their training and their lives
in the modern Army as well as being very interested in what their senior counterparts had to share about what it was like "back then". 
After lunch, they took our group to their barracks where we spent time with them in their supply room.  They eagerly shared all their weaponry...
it was a hands on for our vets.  They were each very proud to know that these fine young men were their replacement. 
For those serveral hours on base, it was if the 40+ years had faded away. 






Thanks to Bill Hodder and Gary Root for submitting the above article




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