1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


1st Battalion Vet is President of 4ID Association



Bruce Gass, D 1/22 1967-68, was elected President
of the 4th Infantry Division Association during the year 2007.
He joins Bob Babcock, B 1/22 1965-67, past President of the 4ID Association,
becoming the second 1st Battalion Veteran to be elected to that position.
The following is Bruce's letter from the President,
taken from "The Ivy Leaves" Fall 2007.


I start this article with a Thank You.
Thank You for honoring me with being elected President of this great organization.
There have been many great presidents of this organization, and I hope and pray that I will keep up the standards
that they have set. I have set my standards and goals very high, and with your help, I can reach them.
My number one goal is to increase the membership through actively recruiting the new Ivy soldier
and also attracting the soldier from the 1950 thru 1964 era. They are out there and we need to find them.
All of the officers elected at Colorado Springs are very capable and an outstanding group of dedicated individuals.
They will do the job they were elected to, and that is to represent you, the member.
We face many challenges in the coming years, including declining membership (found in many organizations),
to raising awareness of this Association. But with your help, we, the Association,
can do many things to remedy these challenges.
I started my membership in this organization several years ago, not knowing where it would take me.
It has been a very enjoyable ride to say the least.
I have found many people from my past (through my membership)
and met many who will continue to be with me in the future, and for that I am very grateful.
If you missed my bio a couple of years ago, I am from a small town in central Illinois called Arthur.
It is located 2 1/2 hours from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis.
I served with D/lst/22nd from mid November 1967 till early July 1968.
I have served as President of the Illinois Chapter the last 4 years
and as a National Vice President during that same 4 years.
I am looking forward to meeting more members and perspective members in the next 2 years.
You never know, I might be coming to a town near you.
I always end the same way, which is "Keep looking for that person, because he is looking for you too."
I know this to be true.




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