Thomas Samuel Moorman

Commanding Officer 22nd Infantry

3 Sep 1932-1 Aug 1934



Thomas S. Moorman was born in South Carolina on February 7, 1875.

He graduated from Clemson Agricultural College in 1896. He was appointed a 1st Lieutenant in Company L
2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry on August 23, 1898 and mustered out of that unit on April 19, 1899.

On July 5, 1899 Moorman was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the 29th US Volunteer Infantry,
accepting his commission on July 19 of that year. On September 3, 1900 he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

Moorman was honorably mustered out of the 29th Vol. Infantry on May 10, 1901 and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant
in the 17th Infantry on February 2, 1901, accepting his commission on November 26, 1901.

He was promoted to 1st Lieutenant of the 8th Infantry on January 11, 1902 and joined Company A
of that regiment in Alaska that same year. On March 11, 1911 he was promoted to Captain.

On January 11, 1913 Moorman was detailed to the Quartermaster Corps,
the detail lasting until November 19, 1916. He was assigned to the 37th Infantry on November 20, 1916.

On July 25, 1917 he was once again detailed to the Quartermaster Corps. He was promoted to
the temporary ranks of Major and then Lieutenant Colonel on August 5, 1917. On February 9, 1918
he received a permanent promotion to Major. He was relieved from the detail to the Quartermaster Corps
on June 18, 1918.

Moorman was promoted to the temporary rank of Colonel on September 12, 1918, accepting that position on
September 21 when he vacated his temporary position of Lt. Colonel.

He was promoted to the permanent rank of Lieutenant Colonel on July 1, 1920 and to the rank of Colonel
on April 17, 1928.

He commanded the 22nd Infantry from September 3, 1932 to August 1, 1934.

Thomas S. Moorman died in Walter Reed General Hospital in Washington, D.C., on June 28, 1936.

His son Thomas S. Moorman retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant General.


Thomas S. Moorman's decorations







Obituary for Thomas S. Moorman from The Washington Post

Photo by Mike Weeks from the Find A Grave website






Thomas S. Moorman is buried in Arlington National Cemetery

Section 6 Grave 9192


Grave marker for Thomas S. Moorman

Photo by Mike Weeks from the Find A Grave website





The portrait of Colonel Moorman posted at the top of this page hung on the wall at 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry Headquarters
at Fort Hood, Texas, 1999-2009. Photo courtesy of Major Anne LeGare, wife of LTC Marc LeGare,
Commanding Officer 1-22 IN 1999-2001.







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