John Patrick Brown

Commanding Officer 1st Battle Group 22nd Infantry

4th Infantry Division

October 13, 1961 - 1962?




John P. Brown was born in New York on September 21, 1913.

He enlisted in the Army on July 17, 1936 and served as an enlisted man until September 26, 1941,
acheiving the ranks of Private, Private First Class, Corporal, Sergeant and Staff Sergeant during those years.

On September 17, 1941 he graduated from OCS and was offered a temporary commission as a 2nd Lieutenant
in the Army of the United States (AUS), which he accepted on September 27 of that year.
July 2, 1942 he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant (AUS). On January 21, 1943 he received a promotion to
Captain (AUS). By May 2, 1944 he had reached the rank of Major (AUS).

After the war he was offered a place in the Regular Army as a 1st Lieutenant of Infantry on
June 19, 1947, with date of rank back to September 27, 1941, a position which he accepted
on August 13, 1947. On July 15, 1948 he was promoted to Captain in the Regular Army.

Brown was promoted to Major on May 15, 1950.

On December 5, 1950 he was given a temporary promotion to Lieutenant Colonel (AUS).

He graduated from the Armored School Officers Advanced Course in 1951 and in 1953
from the Command & General Staff College.

From 1954 through 1956 Brown was an instructor at the United States Military Academy
at West Point in the Military Art & Engineering Department.




LTC John P. Brown as an instructor
at the U.S. Military Academy

Photo from the U.S.M.A. yearbook
the Howitzer 1956


On November 26, 1956 Brown was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the Regular Army.

In 1960 he graduated from the US Army War College
and in that same year was promoted to Colonel (AUS) on July 26.

On October 13, 1961 Brown assumed command of the 1st Battle Group 22nd Infantry.
The date he relinquished command is unknown at this time.

He was promoted to Colonel in the Regular Army on September 21, 1963.

On December 31, 1968 John P. Brown was retired from the US Army.



The following graphic giving highlights of Brown's service is taken from the
4th Infantry Division STRAC yearbook,
published circa 1962-64:




Birth: Sep. 21, 1913
Death: Nov. 30, 1998

Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington County
Virginia, USA
Plot: Section 6-M Row 17 Site 2
(Section M Column 17 Niche 2)

John Patrick Brown was interred in Arlington Cemetery on July 9, 1999


The grave marker for John P. Brown

Photo by Anne Cady from the Find A Grave website










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