4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Randall Scroggs C Battery 1970


Center - Randall Scroggs
Left - unknown, from Florida
Right - unknown, from Alabama



LZ Valkyrie - Cambodia


LZ Valkyrie - Cambodia


LZ Valkyrie - Cambodia


Randall Scroggs on bottom right holding flag.
Bottom left holding flag is Sammy Watkins from Calhoon, Georgia.
Next to Sammy is Jim.



Randall Scroggs on right, Ernie Estep from 1/22 Infantry on left.
Nick Coraggio said that Ernie is the guy that alerted everyone that there was sappers on the LZ
at Valkyrie. Estep has since passed on and was a deputy sheriff with a Tennessee county
on the Tenn-Kentucky border.


LZ Niagara


Randall Scroggs, LZ Niagara



Randall Scroggs and "Canned Heat"



Awards ceremony after return from LZ Valkyrie in Cambodia






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