4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Wayne Killian C Battery 1968


Killian, Anna, Brown


Gun crew - Gun 3
Kneeling -- Dagenhart, Taylor, Killian
Standing -- Keebler, Stanley, Ziegler, Brown


Brown, Unknown, Killian


On the left, Killian -- On the right, Taylor
Wayne writes: "In the center is a famous Infantry grunt. I can't remember
which company the grunt was with, he was just visiting with Taylor & me.
Everyone who met him loved him.....He really loved those C-Rations."


Wayne Killian's gun crew -- probably July of 1968
Standing in front looking over his right shoulder, with his t-shirt on is
PFC Marcelino Nieves-Colon Jr, who was killed in action
about a month later, August 28, 1968



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