4th Battalion 42nd Artillery



Iron Gunners 4 - 42 FA in Vietnam

SGT Robert Gobble


4 Feb 67. Three Church. A logistical base, where our supplies came from.


SGT Robert L. Gobble

One tired soldier, ready to come home; SHORT TIMER !


TUY HOA 1966

SGT Robert Gobble, Charlie Battery, 4-42 FA


SGT Avery and his gun "Call Girl"


SGT Keys and his gun "Cobra"


Tuy Hoa 1966

SGT Coney and his gun


SGT Gobble, acting gun chief for about two months


SGT Hill and his gun


Tuy Hoa 1966

1SGT Robinson, saying "Don't take that", but I already had.


Tuy Hoa 1966

LT Cates, Charlie Battery Commander

Sign reads "Regulars Artillery"


Tuy Hoa 1966

SGT Coonts and PFC Ross


SGT Davis, Chief of Firing Battery, eating his lunch




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