1st Battalion 22nd Infantry



On February 11, 2003, three 1/22 Infantry Veterans visited with the soldiers of 1st Battalion at Fort Hood, Texas.

On the eve of 1st Battalion's departure for possible war with Iraq,
Bob Babcock B 1/22 VN, Bill Bukovec, B 1/22 VN, and Robert Wren C 1/22 VN
wished the Regulars Godspeed in their coming deployment.


LTC Mark Woempner giving briefing.
Robert Wren C 1/22 RVN and Bill Bukovec B 1/22 RVN are in attendance


1/22 Officers at briefing


1/22 Officers listen to briefing


Men of the 1/22 listen intently to their Command Sergeant Major


CSM Martinez ---- Command Sergeant Major of 1st Battalion 22nd Infantry


Bob Babcock B 1/22 RVN addresses 1/22 soldiers. Bob writes:
"Those are soil samples from Utah Beach and from Vietnam - and a piece of concrete from the Crisbecq bunker
that 22nd Infantry finally took out, with great casualties, on about D+6. 
I gave them those soil samples to take to Iraq with them - and asked that they send me a sample of soil from Iraq
to add to our collection of soil samples from all the places where the 4ID has fought. "


Bill Bukovec B 1/22 RVN and Robert Wren C 1/22 RVN




Robert Wren C 1/22 RVN addresses troops


Bill Bukovec B 1/22 RVN adresses troops


Soldiers of 1st battalion 22nd Infantry


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